Leak Detection, Gas Leak Detection and Pipe Location

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Leak Detection and Pipe Location

Leak Detection is our speciality with a 96% success rate. First a Pipe Locator is used to locate all the pipes (metal pipes only) in the area of damage. Thereafter we use a Correlator, which will pick up any leaks or bursts on those pipes. Our equipment works of radio frequency and sound, we can therefore pin point your problem down to a specific area without chopping or breaking tiles, cupboards etc. Our company has been using this equipment since we opened for business over 20 years ago and has proved to be very successful.

Gas Leak Detection

This is a newly introduced service to our company. We have worked alongside Gas Detectors in the past, but have decided to take this on as an added bonus to our customers/clients. A specialised gas is pumped into the water pipes/lines and bought up to pressure, it then pushes out wherever a leak or burst is located. The gas is then picked up by our “Snooper”, which will pinpoint the exact location of your leak/burst, or any related problem you may be experiencing.

Gas Detection can be used to locate small leaks in domestic dwellings, large leaks in industrial buildings, to council main water supplies. We have expedited and been very successful in doing gas testing on council water supplies, our last test expedited being 10km’s long. This is a very accurate means of testing, regardless of the length or size of the pipe, we will guarantee you results.