Leak Detection, Pipe Location, Gas Leak Detection, Camera and Dye Tests, Plumbing Repairs

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Leak Detection, Gas Leak Detection
and Pipe Location

We use a Pipe Locator to locate all the metal pipes in the area of damage. Then, using a Correlator, will detect any leaks or bursts on those pipes. This equipment works on a radio frequency and sound - we can therefore isolate the problem to a specific area without chopping or breaking tiles, cupboards etc.

Camera and Dye Tests

Blocked drains, man holes, sewer and waste pipes can become a very messy and smelly problem! With our Camera we can inspect these pipes and see exactly what is causing your problem.

Plumbing Repairs

We undertake all plumbing repairs, from simple maintenance to full plumbing installations of dwellings or buildings, including:

  • Burst and leaking pipes
  • Geysers – installations, bursts, over flowing, valves
  • New installations – bathroom and kitchen sanitary ware and new building renovations


Being the FIRST Leak Detection Company established in Cape Town, we have over 20 years experience and expertise. As the leak detections are done personally by one of the co-owners, you are guaranteed service satisfaction.

From residential to industrial, no problem is too big or too small, NO issue is left unresolved! Early leak detection will help solve your high water bill, any damages as a result of a leaking or burst pipe, or drainage problems. Our high tech equipment will pick up leaking or burst pipes that are invisible to the eye, whether they are underground or in a wall/floor. From correlation and gas testing, to camera or dye tests, we are guaranteed to find your problem.

Once the leak detection is completed, a full report, together with a quotation for any repairs, will be sent to you. It is then your choice whether to use our company or not. It IS however advisable to use our plumbing services so as to eliminate any confusion with third parties and making it easier on YOU.

So make us your first call, let us take away the stress and assist you in the entire matter, from beginning to end!!

!! No distance is too far, we service the ENTIRE Western Cape !!

Call us if any of the following occurs (After):

  • Your water bill suddenly escalates for no reason
  • You have damp/moisture on your walls, floor or tilling and the reason for this is unknown
  • You have discoloured patches on your walls, floor or tilling and the reason for this is unknown
  • You have bubbling or mould on your walls, floor or tilling and the reason for this is unknown
  • Rising damp
  • Water flooding from an unknown source
  • Geyser bursts or is leaking